03 Feb
  • By elda

Will you be my Galentine?

Join us in celebrating GALentine's Day, The Rose way.

Who better to send a ‘love note’ to than your special girlfriends?  They are the ones who’ve been with your through good times and bad times! Your girlfriends, the ones who are always ready to listen and who will celebrate anything, anytime you’re ready!

On this Galentine’s Day, take a moment to tell your girlfriends how important they are to you, send them a card filled with notes of appreciation, and plan to do something special together!

Maybe you could host ‘different’ kind of girlfriends night like Christine Wilkerson and Stephanie Martin.  They are planning an evening of wine, charcuterie, and exciting prizes and the highlight will be a lively discussion about protecting their greatest asset –their health!  Stephanie, who was diagnosed at age thirty,  is a 15 years survivor!  She knows how important it is for young women to understand the facts about breast cancer and the importance of a mammogram and self-exam.

Getting a mammogram may sound scary, but not doing so is even scarier!  Christine and Stepanie also want to be sure their girlfriends realize that having their insured mammogram at The Rose Center of Excellence means helping an uninsured woman have one!

A fun party with a message and a purpose! What a novel idea!

For decades, The Rose has been about Women helping Women.  We believe in the power of women caring for and about other women.

There’s no other day more fitting for us to embrace and celebrate than GALentine’s Day!

Join us.  Throw your own Galentine and Breast Health Awareness Party!  Text your BFF a reminder to have her annual mammogram!  Send one of The Rose Galentine Cards to all your GALfriends!

It could be the most important message you send all year long.

Happy Galentine’s Day.

Send A Galentine's Day Card!

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