21 Nov
  • By The Rose

Thank Goodness for The Rose

A year of loss

“I lost everything in Harvey and now I have breast cancer.
Thank goodness for The Rose.”

My heart hurts for this woman. When I opened her card thanking us for getting her into treatment, I was humbled to tears by her year of losses.

As someone who was personally impacted by Harvey, I know what it means to feel tired, out of control and numb with grief, but I don’t have to deal with breast cancer.

On top of Teresa losing her home and car, having to live with friends and trying to hitch rides to get to work, this woman is still dealing with the grief of burying her daughter the year before.  Being medically uninsured, she is as worried about how she’ll be able to pay for treatment as she is surviving breast cancer.

There is no FEMA for her, no government assistance that can make things ‘normal’ again, and no one ready to help her through this difficult time.

No one except The Rose.

During the first two weeks of September, we served 214 uninsured women, 59 of them had been impacted by Harvey, half of them had major losses, car or home or everything. Unfortunately, three of those 59 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.

The more we asked, the more we learned how difficult it is right now for women to even think about their own health.  Every day we are hearing more stories and every day more women are asking for help. That’s why we are more committed than ever to make access to care easy and available to every woman regardless of her ability to pay.  More committed to be there for them for the long haul — through their diagnosis and treatment.

This year, a storm named Harvey and another named Breast Cancer collided for Teresa, bringing with them a long road to recovery. The good news is that she will not have to face it alone, not as long as we have your support. Every donation will help save another life.

Your support gives Teresa and so many other women we serve that precious chance at life.  Please join us and thank you for being Rose Strong.

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