Most women only need to visit The Rose once a year. An annual mammogram offers 7 out of 8 women peace of mind. For that 8th woman, The Rose provides compassionate care from screenings to diagnostics to navigation to treatment as well as support groups.

Early detection of breast cancer greatly improves the treatment options, chances for successful treatment, and most importantly, survival. American Cancer Society Guidelines for the early detection of breast cancer include three types of examinations: annual mammograms, clinical breast examinations and monthly breast self-examinations.

  • Age 20 and older: Conduct monthly breast self-examinations and have clinical breast examinations at least every 3 years.
  • Age 40 and older: Conduct monthly breast self-examinations, have clinical breast examinations at every year and have annual mammogram.

Women under age 40 with a family history of breast cancer and other concerns about their personal risk should consult a trained medical professional about risk assessment and when to begin screening mammography.

With early detection,
breast cancer survival rate is 98%.