15 Jan
  • By The Rose

New Complimentary Valet Services at The Rose Southeast Quality and Care From the Moment You Arrive

Convenient, free parking with easy access in and out has always been one of the benefits of coming to The Rose. But lately, with over 200 people visiting the building each day, having adequate parking had become an issue.

In December, The Rose added valet parking services at the Southeast location on Featherwood. Valet Services, provided by one of the most experienced companies in the city is totally free and available to all — patients, employees, doctors, visitors and everyone else who enters the building. No tipping or compensation of any kind is expected.

Besides addressing the parking problem, this service adds an extra touch of welcome and is one more way to extend our care from the moment a patient arrives.

“Having a mammogram or biopsy is stressful enough. We want everyone to feel cared for from the moment they drive into our lot. Folks have enough to worry about these days, parking shouldn’t be one of them.” said Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder of The Rose.

The response has been overwhelming and especially with the latest bouts of bad weather our valets have been working non-stop. In fact, we’ve had to bring the valet team up to three people to handle the demand. While there are limited spaces designated for those people who prefer to park their own cars, those who do most often have to use street parking.

Besides parking cars expertly and promptly retrieving them, recently one patient was very glad they were around. When she discovered her SUV had a flat tire, the valet quickly offered to assist and in minutes had the tire off and replaced with her spare. She was thrilled that she could be off to her day. Our valet said he would have done the same for his sister, mother or daughter, so of course he wanted to help one of our clients.

“It makes us proud to know that everyone involved with The Rose believes in our values and wants to make our patients feel like family.” Gibbons added.

Our mission is to save lives through quality breast health services, advocacy and access to care for all.


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