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Her goal was one; she raised for two. What can you do?

She's only 13 years old, but she already knows the gift of a mammogram.

"One day she was in our home, having a good time with the family and then she was gone," Mia said, talking about a dear friend of the family who died from late-stage breast cancer.

Mia wanted to do something, but what? She was only 13. Then she heard about different organizations raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She realized she could do that! She could raise money to help a woman have a mammogram. It would really mean a lot to another woman and be an extraordinary way to honor her friend.

Her goal was to raise enough money to pay for just one mammogram.

She had never done anything like this before, but she was determined. With a little help from the family, she created pink "Team Care" bracelets and began selling them for $2 apiece.

The Presentation:

When Mia came to The Rose to present her fundraiser, along with her incredibly proud family, we were so moved. Hearing her story, learning about the hours she had spent creating and selling her bracelets, we couldn't help but think what a gift this young woman is to our community.

With a huge smile, Mia handed me her donation, enough for two mammograms! She beamed telling us that she had met her goal and more! My staff cheered, most of us were in tears, especially me. Then she announced that she wants to make this an annual fundraiser for The Rose!

She's only 13, but wise beyond her years. The mammograms she sponsored could give someone else a future. The future her friend never had.

So when you think there isn't much you can do, or you wonder if your gift will make much of a difference, remember Mia. She is definitely my gift this holiday season. Let your donation be the gift of someone's life.


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