Legacy & Tribute Gifts

When you choose to make a legacy, memorial or tribute gift to The Rose, you’re giving hope to another woman and her family. Because you care, we’re able to bring on-site physicians, and advanced digital technology to Texas women in need, from Matagorda to Shelby counties. Thank you for helping us on this life-saving mission.

If The Rose is already included in your giving plans, please let us hear from you. Contact our Development Office at 281-464-5165 or development@therose.org and let us know about your generous intentions. We are interested in your story!

Legacy Gifts

Help future generations of Texas women by including The Rose in your will. With this simple step, your estate can leave a legacy of healing for women in need. If you’d like to adjust your will to include a gift to The Rose, the official legal bequest language is “I give the sum of $___ in cash” (or “I give ___% of the residue of my estate”).

Memorial Gifts

Honor a departed loved one by making a memorial gift in their memory. We can send a letter of appreciation to whomever you designate to notify them about your gift.

Tribute Gifts

Celebrate a special occasion or honor a person who has made a difference in your life by making a tribute gift. You can make a tribute gift for birthdays, wedding gifts, holidays, graduations, recognition of a colleague, or any other event you’d like to commemorate.