Meet Juanita

Single mother of two

Makes the best oatmeal cookies


Now an ambassador of The Rose


Meet Juanita

Breast Cancer Survivor and Ambassador of The Rose

Cancer is cruel. It cares not if someone is insured or uninsured; if a family is there to support her or if they face this time totally alone. Cancer creeps into lives without warning and suddenly becomes the center of a person’s every thought and every fear. For some, it sucks the vitality out of their bodies; for others, it is an ordeal that will never be forgotten. But sharing these stories of women who are thriving reminds me why The Rose exists. We are here to give women a chance to survive.

And we need you in order to do it.

Let your donation be one that brings women the hope of many more hugs from their daughters, sons, husbands, and grandbabies. Because we all know, at the end of the day, there’s no better gift than a hug.


"The Rose told me, 'You just concentrate on getting well, we'll take care of everything.'"

- Juanita

Our Mission
Saving lives through quality breast health services, advocacy and access to care for all.