04 Aug
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Happy 35th Anniversary to The Rose!

COVID-19 or Not…We still have much to celebrate!
By: Dorothy Gibbons

The Rose turned 35 years old this weekend. August 1 came and went. A quiet weekend, without fanfare, was not the way I had envisioned celebrating this milestone.

Like many of you have experienced this year, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, all those special times came and went, most without a party or people gathering. For some of us, even being together during grief and saying goodbye were observed without the presence of those we most love.

Believe me, COVID-19 with all its struggles and disappointments cannot diminish my joy that The Rose has made it another year! We still have much to celebrate.

Imagine the naivety of those two women back in 1986, neither had turned 40, who dreamed up this place called The Rose. We didn’t have a clue what we were getting in to; neither Dixie nor I knew anything about the non-profit world, but that didn’t stop us. In yoga, that attitude is called ‘beginners mind’ and time and again, it is that mind that moves people to try new asanas (poses) and attempt to do what looks to be impossible.

All these years later, we both know The Rose had very little to do with our skills. No, if anything, The Rose’s success had more to do with being the right thing that was needed at the right time. It also was because we were surrounded by strong people—staff, donors, patients, and volunteers—who tolerated our craziness and helped in so many ways. They cared about other people and believed in our dream. Nothing ever would have happened without them.

For all those people who stood by us in the past, I am beyond grateful.

To everyone who continues to be part of The Rose today–our amazing staff, our incredible physicians, our generous donors, our loyal volunteers–for all the ways you make it possible for The Rose to serve, thank you.

You are the reason we are celebrating the start of this thirty-fifth year of saving lives. Who knows what impossible things we’ll accomplish this year? I’m ready to try as long as you are by our side.

Join me in wishing The Rose a very happy birthday!

Dorothy Gibbons
CEO & Co-Founder of The Rose

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