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Proceeds from a new, safe deodorant benefit The Rose

  • By Elyse Miller
  • 24 Sep 2019
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About the Product:

We all have our own ecosystem of microorganisms that live on the skin – trillions of them in fact – called your microbiome.  Kinkō™ is a brand of personal care products that work in harmony with your skin’s biome, balancing the naturally present bacteria for better overall skin health.   

The Microbiomix™ Balancing Deodorant is a new all-natural way to protect against odor.  Powered by the patent-pending ingredient blend of pre- and postbiotics, Microbiomix™, this works by nurturing the good bacteria and neutralizing the bad which results in 24-hour odor protection.  The Sakura Rose edition is lightly scented with a 100% naturally derived and hypo-allergenic fragrance that smells of cherry blossoms blended with rose petals, developed by a master perfumer in France.  


Kinko is partnering with The Rose during the month of October. 10% of net sales from the Sakura Rose Balancing Deodorant will be donated to The Rose.


To purchase your Sakura Rose Balancing Deodorant, please visit Kinko's website: CLICK HERE.

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About Kinko

Every day we strive for balance - in life, at work, at home - yet we forget about finding balance with our own body and our own skin, which it needs in order to function properly.

Kinkō means balance in Japanese and we are a new personal care brand, launching first with a balancing natural deodorant.  

Fanny Coste, a French cosmetic scientist with over 18 years of experience, has worked all over the world including her personal favorite, Japan.  Her first job had her developing anti-perspirants, which she knew could be better if only she could formulate them to work with your skin microbiome rather than against it.  She was constantly getting requests from her friends and family for a natural deodorant but she knew that those ‘kitchen recipes’ weren’t always effective. 

Along with her partner Chelsi Oestreich, a 20 year beauty biz veteran from Texas, Fanny decided to make her own formulas and create Kinkō.

Kinkō brings together science along with the clean formulas of Japan and the elegance of French beauty and is the safe, non-toxic personal care brand that works with your skin’s natural microbiome for better skin health.

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