Access to care sometimes requires a trip.


Meet Eliza

When Eliza discovered a lump in her breast, she knew she had to get it checked as soon as possible. After her doctor confirmed her fears, she was referred to The Rose for a full diagnostic workup. However, for Eliza, an uninsured Beaumont resident, this meant driving almost 100 miles just to get to The Rose. That's when our CPRIT Senior Program Manager stepped in and made sure that through our Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awarded grant, Eliza not only received a gas card to make the trip but also had her biopsy and subsequent treatment for breast cancer also taken care of by CPRIT.

Eliza is now a breast cancer survivor who emphatically tells anyone she can, "I'm grateful, my family is grateful. This grant saved my life."


"I'm grateful,

my family is grateful."

- Eliza

Our Mission
Saving lives through quality breast health services, advocacy and access to care for all.