She needs to know there are people who are willing to help,

people like you...


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She knows she’s overdue. We could get her an appointment this week, but she is one of the newly uninsured who, a year ago, didn’t have to worry about paying for her mammogram; she had healthcare coverage. She also had a job. Now she doesn’t have either.

She doesn’t know there are people who are willing to help, people like you.

So much was difficult during 2020. Lives lost, jobs vanished, mothers juggling children at home and keeping a job, elderly parents needing special care. It has been a long year.

Women will continue to postpone their screenings. Their reasons are many: no money to pay for services and needing treatment they cannot afford. We know that delays in breast care will have devastating outcomes. 

Breast cancer will not wait until people are re-employed and have health insurance again. It will not wait until all the inequities in healthcare access are eliminated. Neither can we.   

We must do what we can do now, and because of your support, we will.  


Dorothy Signature

Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder