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The world has been hit with a crisis not seen in more than a century – a global pandemic, COVID-19. This pandemic is causing chaos among all industry sectors, including nonprofits like The Rose. Based on the recommendations issued by the federal, state, and local government officials to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, The Rose closed its diagnostic centers and suspended its mobile mammography services, and will reopen once we feel that it is safe for our patients and employees. Until our offices are open again, we have attempted to redirect patients to other centers for diagnostic care but unfortunately, the options of open centers have dwindled and none will accept uninsured at this time.

We absolutely refuse to turn away uninsured patients that need breast health care. These patients are already fearful of this pandemic; we do not want them worrying about how they will pay for their breast health services when we reopen our diagnostic centers.

Before this crisis hit, 25% of the population residing in Texas was without health insurance, and 16% of the population was living in poverty, which is the population we serve (Source: Episcopal Health Foundation). We fear how much more the need will exist with so many people currently without employment and losing their health insurance. Since this pandemic hit, there has been an unprecedented surge in unemployment claims within the State of Texas.

The Rose must be prepared to meet the needs of all our patients once we reopen. However, without servicing insured patients during this period, we are not receiving the revenue needed from these patients that help offset the costs to care for our uninsured patients. For every month we have suspended service, we will lose an estimated $900,000 of insured patient revenue. Meaning; week to week we are losing the opportunity to provide 140 uninsured women with the mammograms they need to fight breast cancer.

Your donation means more now than ever before. Thank you for your contribution.

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Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder