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When we reopened The Rose in early May, we focused our efforts on those women who had been waiting for testing.  Sadly, the very first biopsy we performed resulted in cancer for an uninsured, sponsored woman.

Each week since, as we see more and more women, we are hearing some of the saddest stories in our 34-year history.  It isn't enough that so many of our family, neighbors, and friends are struggling with the impact of COVID-19, but now women who have no resources, no insurance, and no support will also face breast cancer.   It’s just mind-boggling.

The increase in the unemployment rate has skyrocketed throughout Texas.  Since February, there has been a 269% increase in Harris County, matching Liberty County and only Orange County has a higher rate.  All the 41 counties in Southeast Texas that we serve have been impacted.

We are deeply concerned because we know unemployment means no health insurance.

People are hurting now, in ways we never imagined possible.  This pandemic has meant loss and tragedy.  It’s caused a public and personal health crisis, fueled financial uncertainty and created an anxiety that is palpable.

Those six weeks we were closed took their toll in the 4,500 women we could not serve, and a $3,000,000 loss in revenue, a loss that will directly impact the number of women we will be able to serve in the future. The women will return, one-third will need help. Each month, 45 women will be diagnosed and need our patient navigators to help them access treatment.

Those most at risk are trying to manage their health issues without insurance and delaying screening.  Those newly uninsured are entering a world they never experienced and have no idea how to navigate.

In the weeks and months, maybe years ahead, The Rose must be ready to serve.

More than ever, you are needed.

Thank you for being a donor and a blessing to so many.

Dorothy Signature

Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder