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We are facing an extraordinary need

The year is not even over, and we are witnessing an unprecedented increase in diagnosed women here at The Rose. It has been a 34% increase over the past eight months to be exact. Never in our 33-year history have we seen such a significant increase over such a short period of time! By the end of our fiscal year on July 31, 2019, we predict that we will diagnose over 550 women. To put that statistic into perspective, that’s 150 more women than last year. Even more unnerving is the number of uninsured women represented in the total - nearly 300 uninsured women.

With such an unprecedented increase in patients who are seeking help from The Rose, it has created a substantial demand for more funds to sponsor these women. We believe firmly in our mission which is to save these women’s lives and provide access to care for all and we are going to need the help of our community to do it.

Will you join us in our goal of leaving no woman without care or access to quality breast health services? Your donation could make the difference of life or death in a patient’s life.

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Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder

Help us meet this need by donating today.

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