CPRIT: Saving Lives Through Cancer Prevention Research

The health of thousands of rural women in Texas is now at stake due to the uncertain future of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). Since implemented in 2010, CPRIT has made it possible for The Rose, a leading breast healthcare nonprofit in Southeast Texas, to serve 16,005 Texas women in need of access to care across 38 counties. A total of 336 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Of those served, 5,455 had their first ever mammogram, which led to 128 diagnoses.

The Rose serves women in Harris and 39 other counties throughout Southeast Texas and a third of those services provided to uninsured women are because of CPRIT funding. Since many of the surrounding rural counties do not offer 3D Mammograms, The Rose brings critically needed access to care where women live, work and pray.


Counties Served by The Rose through CPRIT
Counties Served by The Rose 

CPRIT Helps Save Lives

After a mental health crisis left her homeless and without health insurance, Lennie found herself at The Rose’s partner facility, Texana Center. Fortunately, Texana was scheduled to host a Mobile Mammography Program screening event at their facility. Because Lennie was uninsured, she qualified for a free mammogram through The Rose’s Empower Her® Sponsorship Program funded by CPRIT. It was at this time that Lennie learned that, with no symptoms whatsoever, she had Stage IIIA breast cancer. Her life was saved because of CPRIT funding, and she was able to receive services she otherwise would not have been able to pay for.

“Research has shown that Texas rural women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at later, more invasive stages,” said Dorothy Gibbons, CEO and Co-Founder of The Rose. “I’m grateful that Texas voters saw the need for CPRIT back in 2007 and that prevention funds are making their way to the people and organizations who need them. For The Rose to continue impacting women in rural counties, it is imperative that CPRIT funding continue.”

–Dorothy Gibbons,
CEO and Co-Founder of The Rose

CPRIT funding is currently being reviewed by the 86th Texas Legislative Session.  Bills HB 39 and HJR 12 by Representative John Zerwas request public approval of $3 billion in bonds in the state’s next general election and remove the Institute’s restriction to award new grants for 2023 and beyond. Learn more about CPRIT, how you can support this community effort, and start the conversation with your representative online.