Diagnosed at 37 weeks pregnant


Meet Courtney

Courtney diagnosed at 34 years old with stage 3 infiltrated ductal carcinoma, breast cancer. She first felt her lump when she was 37 weeks pregnant with her fourth. She originally thought the lump was pregnancy-related and her physician showed no signs to worry. But as the months went on, it grew as did Courtney’s concern, so she convinced the doctor to examine it again. A biopsy was ordered - at a cost of $5,000.

Since Courtney’s husband was self-employed and the family was uninsured, a $5,000 medical bill was simply out of reach for them. That's when they were introduced to The Rose. Within days after her first appointment with The Rose, Courtney received a sponsored biopsy. The diagnosis was an aggressive form of breast cancer. In just over two weeks after her first appointment at The Rose, Courtney began her breast cancer treatment.

Courtney never thought she'd be the one with breast cancer and reminds women to "take time and do stuff for yourself."


"I never thought I would've gotten breast cancer. So take time and do stuff for yourself."

- Courtney

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