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Breast Cancer Survivor
CPRIT Sponsored


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at 24


Two-time Male Breast Cancer Survivor
Board Member of The Rose


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at 37


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at 44

Juana & Juanita

Mothers surviving breast cancer
Special combined story


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at 58


Two-time Cancer Survivor
Board member of The Rose


Breast Cancer Survivor
Song Writer


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at 57


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at 29


Breast Cancer Survivor
Diagnosed at age 34 at 37 weeks pregnant


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 23 Lump found during postpartum check-up

What are our patients saying?

"When I found my lump, I thought it can't be what I think it is. I'd always heard that you didn't need to check until you were 40 and I was 38 at the time. So when we discovered my cancer, I called my three younger sisters and made them all get checked."

Survivor, mother of three, native of Spain, and now proud Texan

"I don't know how this beautiful kind-hearted person was able to make this happen but I do know it was truly God's favor. That day I was able to get a mammogram at a low, low cost, and breast ultrasound and a few weeks later, a biopsy through sponsorship. The staff was inviting and caring towards my needs, they kept reassuring me everything was going to be okay no matter what the outcome was. I am forever grateful."

Survivor, personal trainer, mother of five

"I have always been treated with nothing but the utmost respect and was given gentle care each time I have used The Rose. I always refer people to the facility as I think it is the best place to go and the only place I will have my mammogram done."

Breast Cancer Survivor

"I can't thank you enough … You helped me get assistance with Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer. The cancer was so hard to go through and not having to stress over the unimaginable financial burden I haven't had to worry over … it's a wonderful program. … It's been a bumpy road but now the worst is over, and I just wanted you to know, I'll never forget you …. You are an angel to me."

Patient and volunteer

"I am a 7-year-survivor of Cystosarcoma Phyllodes, for which The Rose helped sponsor me and guided me into access to care in June 2005. I just want to give my deepest thanks to Dorothy [CEO and Co-Founder], to The Rose, and to all the staff. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and support. Blessings!"

Survivor, thanking her Patient Navigator at The Rose

"Being one of the largest employers in Texas, HISD is committed to having a healthy, safe, and effective learning environment. Since 2008 HISD has partnered with The Rose to conduct on-site mammogram screenings. By providing employees with this benefit, it shows HISD cares. The Rose provides fast, convenient and safe screenings."

Mother of three who was initially told her cancer wasn't cancer



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