20 Mar
  • By The Rose

A Blog by any other name…

Welcome to The Rose’s new Blog. While we’ve had a blog for a long time, we’ve not had a way to invite your comments and suggestions.  Which meant it was a one way communication and most of us know there is little worse than that!   Voicing opinions and ideas without receiving feedback reminds me of another truth: Ultimate Power without Wisdom is dangerous and Ultimate Wisdom without Power is useless.

So we invite your comments, your objections and your observations. We welcome conversation about and suggestions for topics.

Most of the future Blogs will be authored by me and as such will usually be a reflection of The Rose’s stand or position on topics, but not always.  From time to time, I will take off my Rose hat and talk about those things that concern me personally, those same things that concern many women, determining our own good health, our relationships, the constant juggling of responsibilities in our lives, and our search for play and renewal.

We will also have guest bloggers who will bring their own perspective and survivors sharing their stories of hope and courage. Our physicians will chime in with their own opinions—be watching for some lively articles especially about our ever changing landscape in healthcare.    After all, we are The Rose and in all our 30 year history, we’ve done the unexpected and never been very traditional.

So I close with this thought:

A Rose by any other name may be arose—or a ‘sound’ alike, but none will be The Rose.

All the best,



You’ll still be able to access our old blogs by clicking here.

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